Before You Read

I think there has been some confusion in regards to my posts.

All posts labeled VIGNETTES take place in the PAST. They might have occurred yesterday or eight years ago.  They are out of chronological order. I don’t remember when a lot of them happened. I write them down as they come to me or if they’re spurred by another idea. The most I put them in chronological order is based on where I am in regards to my education – elementary school, high school (which includes some stuff from middle school) and college.  I try not to write in the past tense in these (I slip up sometimes) because I want the reader to live them as I did.

The posts labeled STATUS UPDATE are status updates, happening PRESENTLY. They are happening currently. I usually post about doctor appointments or school. They’re going to read more like the traditional blog post.

Posts labeled as REFLECTION are kind of like mini essays on some topics relating to migraines and headaches. These are my thoughts. They do not have a place in the chronological time line.

I hope this clears some things up.


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