Auras and Aphasia

I don’t experience visual auras. There is no vision loss or obstructed vision. I don’t get the snowy vision or any other vision problems.

For a long time I felt that my migraines weren’t migraines because I didn’t have this classic migraine symptom. A lot of people need the visual aura for classification of migraine. While my vision becomes a little blurry, I think that has to do more with the extreme pain I’m experiencing, the stress my body is going through and exhaustion.

I didn’t know there were different auras.

I experience aphasia in varying degrees. I use to chalk it up as brain fog and still do on occasion. I experience a verbal aura.

I find myself at a loss for words a lot of the time. I’ll lose words on the tip of my tongue, stopping mid sentence trying to find it again. Other times, I’ll be looking at an object and still unable to name it. It’s not that I didn’t recognize my sister’s cell phone as a phone, it was that my brain didn’t provide the word, it just stopped working.

Before I would stutter and I would joke that my brain was quicker than my mouth, that my mouth couldn’t keep up. It was like a pile up past my lips when I would get going and it would end in a wreck.

Now, I can’t come up with words when my head hurts. They’re just not there.

I have and always will be a story teller…except when I have a headache, when I experience aphasia.