I’m Done Apologizing

I didn’t ask for this, so why do I get blamed for them?

I tried everything, but it’s never enough. There’s always something else I could have done.

I appreciate you trying to help in your own way – finding different ways to cure me, always keeping an open ear to find something, anything.

Just because I didn’t drink the concoction that Dr. Oz was selling on TV, or try the old wive’s tale of getting dressed in the morning doesn’t mean that I like having these migraines or headaches.

And I know, it’s something we face together but when you get angry at me, it feels like your angry at Me, not just the migraine.

It doesn’t matter how many times I apologize, how many times I whisper a heartfelt “i’m sorry”, because it’s not my fault. I didn’t ask for this, I didn’t want this.

And neither did you. It’s not me taking away your daughter, your sister, your friend, and locking her in a darkened room for hours, for days. It’s the migraine.

I am as much the victim as anyone else here.

And an apology won’t fix it. It won’t make you feel better, it won’t make me feel better.

It’s not my fault, I won’t apologize for it anymore.


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