I’m alive!!

I’m embarrassed to say that the semester got the better of me. I was completely swamped with work and this blog fell to the wayside. Whoops! Sorry. I’m alive! And I’m okay! And I have so much to write about!! I’ll go back to my regular schedule (every Wednesday) immediately.

But I can report that I finished the semester strong. I struggled through a lot of my classes but I still managed to get a 3.6 which is Dean’s List (!) and I got 1 A, 3 A-‘s and a B+. Not too shabby for working part time, going to school full time and having headaches full time.


One thought on “I’m alive!!

  1. Congratulations! I know that was hard and also amaZING! (Soft punch on the arm, in congrats!)
    Wishing you another great semester! Don’t forget your glasses, they seem to really help!
    Belated Happy Christmas, Holidays and Happy New Year! Here’s to a better 2016!


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