Burnt Out

I feel like I stuck a fork in an electrical socket. My hair is on end, pulled straight and out from my fingers running through it. I know I’m overwhelmed but keep telling myself I am underwhelmed. That I need to do more.

School started. I am always intimated by the work load when I see everything I have to do. I get anxious, thinking I have to get everything done as quickly as possible. I completely disregard the fact I have three months, a whole semester to complete everything.

I worked before my first day of school. I only worked for 4 hours but it was enough. Waking up at 6 am, going to work, going to class and coming home around 5. When I laid down for bed at 9, I was too tired to sleep. I was just cranky and mad at myself.

I worry about my headaches, work and school. I don’t know how to balance them all out yet. I can barely balance headaches and school now I’m throwing a part time job on top of that.


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