First Night on the Bathroom Floor

I was always so grateful I didn’t get the whole migraine experience – always just the pain. I didn’t always get the aura, the nausea. Just pain and sensitivity. Sometimes I’d feel sick but that was just because the pain was too much.

The air conditioner kicked on and two things happened. My stomach flipped 180 degrees and managed to lodge itself in my throat and the right side of my head throbbed. My eyes snapped open before snapping shut again. My room was cast in a soft glow from the screen of the a/c unit. I can’t stay in bed – the rattling of the a/c sounds like a train, the light in my room feels like I’m staring at the sun. I, not so gracefully, roll out of bed and stumble towards the bathroom with a pillow clutched to my chest. I toss the pillow onto the bathroom floor. There’s a soft glow coming from the night light in the wall, I rip it out. I lay down on the floor, too sick to move from this spot. Faintly, I hear the my parents TV across the house, my sister’s a/c unit rattling on the other side of the wall, my mom’s pond outside bubbling. My shoulders and hips press uncomfortably onto the hard floor. With my stomach turning and turning I can’t imagine myself anywhere else. I close my eyes in the darkness.

It’s not until closer to dawn do I finally spit up some stomach acid and finally feel a little bit better.


6 thoughts on “First Night on the Bathroom Floor

  1. Never slept on the bathroom floor, but the pain, the sensitivity, the nausea, vomiting and then the moment when the edge is taken off the pain…

    If this recent, hope you feel even better soon.

    – Skylar


  2. Horrible, right?
    It might sound silly, but I find the times when it hurts THAT bad that I end up whimpering to myself in the bathroom…the thing that clears the migraine faster than any other method I’ve tried so far, is …


    It hurts, therefore I cry.
    I cry and eventually notice as the muscles in my face and neck unclench from the crying, that the head pain subsides. There may be some logic to it, because migraines tend to be (though not always) caused by change in blood flow. If you force blood to flow elsewhere than in your migraine central, maybe that can take off the edge? I mentioned it to a friend who also suffers from migraines, and she discovered the exact same thing. By accident, same as me.

    So sometimes, I kinda…force myself to bring forth the tears. Have a really deep, heaving sobfest. I pop a regular painkiller (Advil in my case seems to do the trick) while this is happening, and I seem to recover WAY faster than doing nothing at all, or only taking an Advil.

    It’s hard to think when your head is throbbing, but I find too that having a backup selection of caffeinated canned coffee in the fridge means I don’t have to think too much like ‘what can I do?’…If I can only reach the fridge, I know that caffeine as ‘medicine’ tends to help release the pain too. Even just a few ounces!


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