MHAM Blog Challenge: Hobbies

What activities or hobbies do you participate in that help build hope for you?

Simple answer: blogging!

Just being able to share my story makes life so much easier for me. I’ve externalized my migraines in another form beyond suffering. Instead of the only way of being able to share my pain by screaming and crying, I can blog instead. Before my emotions were just a jumble of confusion and I had a hard time expressing myself. I felt incredibly alone before this blog. When you don’t know anyone else with headaches frequently, the pain becomes even more isolating. The first time I stumbled across someone else’s blog where they shared their experience I realized just how many friends I had out there, I just hadn’t met them yet.


One thought on “MHAM Blog Challenge: Hobbies

  1. And how great it is to finally meet others that totally understand what we’re going through. And to realize we’re not melodramatic or lazy and that no amount of positivity will correct our problem. Our suffering is neurological, real and debilitating!!!


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