Comorbid Side Effects – PCOS

I wrap my arms tighter around my middle, leaning forward a little bit. Cramps. Bad cramps. I stopped taking oral birth control six months ago. I was fine on the birth control before but without I’m not noticing any huge differences in my headaches. I am however noticing a huge difference in my middle. I dig my fingers into my side and I feel it.

My friend gives me a look.

“Do you want to feel my cysts?” I ask her.

She shrugs and we both stand up. I roll up my shirt and feel around  a little bit until I find them again.

They are soft and squish around my ovaries, a cluster of cysts, they feel like tiny grapes.

I push her finger tips in to my side hard and her face turns from beign curiuosity to shock and horror.

“I didn’t think I could actually feel them!” she gasps, grossed out.


I sit back down and take a deep breath. No headache but cramps instead.


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