“Em, can you put the pierogis on in two minutes?” my sister asks.

How does she not know? I think to myself. I look at her silently.

She passes into the bathroom. I remain on the couch.

Does her head not feel like it’s caving in? Does she not realize she sounds like she’s screaming? Are the lights not too bright? I mean she’s standing right in front of the light, it washes around her. I can barely even look at it. The soft glow it casts around the room is too much. Everything is too much. My head just hurts. It hurts and hurts. I can’t even think of moving, let alone think. There is not thing in my brain and it’s the migraine wreaking havoc. How is she upright? How is she talking? I can’t move. I can’t even give her an answer. I can’t even mumble the word migraine less I send my head spinning again.

It’s so isolating. It feels like a nuclear bomb has gone off in my head and all that is left is the shadow of me while she has no idea of what is happening.


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