Weekend Update – Busy

I spent the last week at my aunt’s house. While we didn’t do much beyond simply spending time together, it is still nice to see her. While I was there, my college email inbox seemed to be flooded by emails from professors for this semester coming up. I start school again next week. The end of winter break went very fast. This is the first break I feel like I really enjoyed due to the low frequency of headaches and migraines. Previous winter breaks have been spent by days spent in bed, half heartily living life and spending time in the doctor’s offices. While I did spend time in the doctor’s office, it wasn’t for any major procedure, just check ups.

I’m excited to go back to class.  I’m mostly ready. I need to dig out some folders to reuse. I bought all my books and have all ready dug out my thicker sweatshirts for walking around campus.

It’s a matter of waiting until I’m swept back in the whirlwind of academia. I’m hoping the headaches are better than they have been in the past, that the added stress of school doesn’t bring them back. This is the closest to normal I’ll get and I want it.


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