Update – Back from Jeff

My appointment was good. We are increasing the Cymbalta from 60mg to 90mg and adding Magnesium. My reaction to the cymbalta is better than I could  have ever hoped for. I have virtually no side effects from it which was the problem with all the other medicines before. The side effects rivaled the headaches and/or the medicine didn’t help at all. Now there is a huge decrease in the frequency and intensity with few side effects.

The drive down there was a pain in the ass with traffic past rush hour. It’s a pain (haha) to drive from my dinky little town into the center of Philadelphia but worth it nonetheless.I was a little late due to traffic but still saw my doctor. The entire appointment was fairly short, a check more than anything. We talked a little bit about Botox. I’m honestly freaked out about the idea of needles in my face and after reading some other people’s experience with it, I’m not too thrilled about it. She told me that the needles would be tiny and that I could lay down while it was done – that that would help. I’m still kind of freaked out about it, but we don’t think I’ll need it if I continue to have success with the cymbalta.

The only thing I’m kind of annoyed with is that I come back in 3 months – April – on aWednesday. Wednesday are the day I’m in a local middle school near my college. Those days are hard to make up and required. In order to make that 3 hour class up, I’ll have to miss another class at 1 pm. I can’t wait…

I tried to make it so I wouldn’t miss that lab but my health needs to come first.



8 thoughts on “Update – Back from Jeff

  1. So glad to hear you are getting so relief. I will say I didn’t the Botox injections themselves that bad. Think of it this way – you get migraines, this is *nothing*. Really. It was my experience post-injection that was awful. Here’s hoping you don’t need to think about that.


    • Thank you. After acupuncture, lidocaine shots and a spinal tap, I’m kind of over needles. She said they were like insulin needles so very very tiny. That’s how she explained it, and it’s something done every 3 months instead of every single day like Cymbalta. What was your post injection experience? That’s where I’ve been seeing a lot of problems with people.


          • I know, RIGHT?! Even my neuro, who had made me promise to follow up, told me she didn’t think it was worth my while. And so, even though my insurance covered it, it hit when I had nothing on my deductible and I had over $1000 to pay for those stupid injections that wreaked havoc on my body. On the other hand, I have friends for whom Botox has been a godsend. It is literally a coin toss – 50/50 odds. Blech.


    • I might call and ask in a few weeks to see if I can push it back a bit. I would love it to be on a Friday, only one class that day. It just sucks because I missed a day of classes last semester (4 classes in one day) and I had a lot of problems with my professor but she was generally just a shitty person. If not, I’m just going to go and make it up and explain to my professors that this is what is happening. I’d rather miss one day of class than a day at the doctor’s because without medical care, I’m going to miss a lot more than just one day. I’m not too worried about it, I know both professors for the day I’ll be missing, they’ll both be okay with it.

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