I’ve been staring at a blank word document for a couple hours, trying to write. Trying to write anything but nothing comes to mind. The headaches are the same as ever, slowly getting worse. I’m taking more and more OTC medicines but ignoring it. Before I could just take the cymbalta and be good all day. Now I’m slipping Aleve, Tylenol and aspirin just to get through the day again.




It’s starting. Again.

That’s what bothers me the most, I’ve been down this path before. My foot print are still fresh in the dirt and I’m leaving more. More and more foot prints. Every time I think it’s going to work but it doesn’t.

The migraines are okay. I had two mild ones, if there is such a thing as a mild migraine. It might have been a silent migraine with a tension headache. I have no idea. I had an aura, nausea and slight sensitivity to light but not a massive migraine headache, just a little one. I guess I should be grateful. I had two of those back to back. Two auras, three days of nausea and sensitivity. I don’t even know what to make of that.

I stopped tracking my headaches. I’m always cold. I never leave my bed because it’s the only place I can keep warm. No number of socks layered on top of each other or gloves can keep me warm.

There’s a lull in my life. I just wait for the next headache.


2 thoughts on “Lull

    • When it is seasonally warm, a chill can be a signal for a migraine, for me anyway. Sometimes my body just knows and I have this sense of doom and a chill. I’m just always cold from Mid October until March or April. My hands and feet are always frozen and numb, I have to check to make sure they’re still attached sometimes, haha.


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