Conversations (26)

“Do you have any drugs?” I hear someone ask.

“No, but Emily does,” I hear my friend reply.

I am all ready digging in my bag for my medicine.

“I have a migraine,” she says.

No you don’t. If you did, you wouldn’t be here.

I don’t say it out loud but I think it loudly.

“It is from your period?” I reply, “I have midol and Excedrin,” I reply.

“Excedrin,” she replies. I pluck two Excedrin from the case and hand them to her. “Thank you.”

“No, problem. I get headaches all the time,” I tell her.

“I’ve been getting them more and more lately,” she replies.

I frown at her, feeling sorry for her.

“Talk to me after class,” I tell her.


After class ends, I walk up to her desk.

“How are you feeling?” I ask her. She looks a lot better.

“I feel a lot better,” she replies.

“Good. Don’t take any more Excedrin today, okay?” I tell her, “you’ll get a rebound headache.”

She nods. She stands up and pulls her bag over her shoulder.

“Here, this always makes me feel better too,” and I open my arms for a hug. She laughs and gives me a hug. I give her a squeeze and hope it’s just temporary, that she does not end up like me.


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