We meander up to her office after running into each other in the hallway.

“I have an upper respiratory infection,” my friend to my left says. I took her to the doctor’s yesterday before class.

“I’m finally feeling better after feeling like crap forever,” my professor replies.

My friend goes on a long winded story about her own illnesses and her roommates illnesses this flu season. I zone out.

“How are your headaches?” my professor asks.

“I was about to say, I don’t get sick but I have a headache every day,” I laugh, “but yeah, pretty much the same as ever, I’ve been worse,” I shrug.

My professor, the one with migraines, laughs with me, sardonic, and sick. “Yeah, that is sick,” she replies.

Being chronically ill like me becomes the normal, it’s like anyone else’s healthy. It’s when someone is episodically sick, there is a change in status and that’s when you feel sick. Pain is the same constant as someone else’s wellness.


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