False Auras

I’m standing at the front of a classroom observing. After glaring at a child for misbehaving, my eyes sweep the room. Out the corner of my eye, I catch a flash of color. I focus on it without looking directly at it. The wall is painted an off yellow. My stomach rolls.

My normal aura is like static, on the peripheral of my vision. These are blocks of color.

I frantically try to remember what I had for breakfast, if I had breakfast. I try to remember if the car ride this morning particularly bumpy. Is it residual car sickness or prodrome?

The rain picks up outside again.

I take a deep breath. The panic remains at bay. I’m not in the best place to have a migraine, I’m not even in a good place for it. This isn’t the time or place. This is the last place I wanted to have a migraine. This could be the nail in the coffin. I’ll be down and out for the count before I even get started.

I can deal with it, I just have to make it for a couple more hours and I’m good to go.

My eyes move but the red squares do not follow, they do not lay over the children’s faces. My eyes flash back to the wall and they’re still there. I move my eyes around the space and they remain. I’m confused for a moment before I realize that it’s a stain on the wall, not an aura. It is residual car sickness, nervousness. My head still pangs with another downpour. A headache, not a migraine.


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