Conversations (24)

I look up when I feel her eyes on me. She has concern written all over her eyes. How long has she been looking at me?

“You all right?” she asks me, “you’re quiet.”

I realize I haven’t said anything beyond a greeting when she first sat down. It wasn’t an awkward silence, she was talking with someone else. It’s while he’s talking that she noticed I haven’t said anything.

I sit back, running my hands through my hair. I rest my hand on the back of my head, where it’s throbbing.

“Yeah,” I say vaguely, and shake my head, “no, no,” I give my hair a tug, hoping I could dislodge it or something. “I’m working on something fun back here,” I finally say.

I lean over and dig around in my bag and pop an Aleve.


It’s later when I sit back down for an impromptu study session I greet her with a wide smile and a warm greeting. I’m must more animated. She returns the smile. “Can you tell I’m feeling better?” I ask.

“Yeah,” she nods.

I realize that when I first met her, I was like I was in the morning all the time. Now there are times when I’m more like how I use to be, how I should be.


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