Weekend Update (4)

I have a big exam tomorrow afternoon. I have a migraine now. I can still see and I’m not experiencing a lot of sensitivity so that means I have to study.


3 thoughts on “Weekend Update (4)

  1. Yikes. Good luck. I’m worried about X’s play practices – tech week and performances. I’m back where you always are, having important daily responsibilities. It’s scary. I guess I should be meditating right now (by which I just mean turning my brain off)


    • Honestly, I have so much shit I had to do this weekend. Two tests to study for, one to take over the weekend (and one tomorrow), a paper to write, a piece of literature to memorize and a ton of reading The first test was online and I completed yesterday. I felt awful yesterday. I did horribly on it. I’m going to do horribly on the exam I’m studying for right now. UGH. I feel like I don’t even have enough time to breathe. I took half a reglan which did nothing. I’m waiting to take the other half and maybe take a imitrex (for the first time) later.

      I’m sorry to hear you’re not doing too well either. I hope you don’t end up going to the ER again. Go meditate and I hope you feel better soon dear. ❤


      • Oh wow! I’m excited for you. Some people (like j for example) have scary side effects so make sure your mom is home. It can feel like something is sitting on your chest. If that happens, don’t worry. It will pass. I’m very hopeful that you won’t have any side effects, AND total relief within 45 minutes!! Let me know!

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