Weekend Update 2

This week was a short one. I had Labor Day off meaning I only had class 4 days this week. Despite being a day shorter, the week was just as stressful.

I’m not going to break it down day by day.

On Tuesday I didn’t drive myself to class, my mom took me in the morning and both mom and dad picked me up in the afternoon. I was exhausted, the three days off messed up my sleep schedule.

On Wednesday Night/Thursday, my cat ran away but she returned the next day. I spent the afternoon after class looking for her, which left less time for me to do homework.

I was extremely exhausted all week, no matter how long I slept I still felt tired all day. The pain hasn’t been too bad, mostly spotty. Friday was the worst day of the week, all week.

I’m stressed about Wednesday. I’m so worried about something going wrong, anything going wrong. I’m so worried about the entire appointment. I’m worried about getting there, about the appointment, about the psych evaluation, about future treatments. I’m worried nothing it’s not going to work.

My head has been quiet this week. Any other time I would celebrate this, take advantage of this. The pain is nearly gone and I feel like I put up such a fuss, made a mess of things. I feel like I’m going crazy, like this never happened.

My mental health seems to have taken a beating this week. My anxiety was at an all time high and I had to calm myself down a couple times. As big assignments are assigned and approach, I’m panicking before I start, stressing out before even beginning. I’m worried about taking 18 credits, one more class than usual. I have extreme stress when taking the normal class load. I’m in class for the majority of the day, and doing homework when I’m at home. The only free time I get is lunch and dinner. I need to make time to unwind, to relax a little bit. I’m pushing myself too hard and it’s only the second week of school.


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