Conversations about September 10th (One)

I approach my professor at the end of class, after everyone has left.

“Emily,” my professor asks, “right?”

“Yeah,” I nod, “I just wanted to let you know that I won’t be in class September 10th for a doctors appointment in Philadelphia” I chicken out of specifics. I don’t tell her that its at Jefferson headache center for migraines and headaches. Just plain and simple, need to know basis.

She looks over her glasses at me, ” I just wanted you to know,” I lose my confidence, sounding sheepish.

“Is that soon?” she asks.

“Two weeks,” I reply. Ish. I add mentally.

Is it two weeks? Is it that soon? The date is creeping up sooner than I like it. It will be here sooner with the whirlwind of classes and homework. Even faster than the lazy summer days spent in agony. I looked at the attendance policy before class began, I get 6 days out, and I all ready spent one, will spend one. Im walking into class with a strike against me. It still feels like a gamble, trying to figure these migraines out.

“Will that interfere with anything?” the professor asks. Shes not looking at me, packing up her bag and thinking out loud. “Just make sure, when we do group projects it does’t interfere with that.”

“Yeah, okay, thank you, have a good day,” I walk out of the classroom. A weight lifted off my shoulders. No questions, I’m glad.

That was easy, one down, three to go.


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