Conversations (19)

I’m picking pieces of fruit out of the bowl as my mom cuts the watermelon up.

“I was watching Dr. Oz earlier,” she says. I internally roll my eyes. I turn to the fridge and pull out a bottle of water. I’m leaving the conversation before it can even start. “You know what you’re supposed to do for headaches?” she asked me. “No,” I’m still puttering around the kitchen for whatever reason, I probably should have went back to my room. “You’re supposed to…,” I cut her off.

“What, wish really hard?” I snap. I’m sick of hearing it, drink this, eat that, don’t eat or drink this. She looks affronted, how dare I say that about Dr. Oz and his afternoon TV show? I leave the kitchen, busying myself in another part of the house, still annoyed.


2 thoughts on “Conversations (19)

  1. Oh girl, I so understand. The suggestions are the absolute worst. And what is it about our moms that pushes our big red buttons? My mom and I have these same kind of interactions. I hate myself for it, but she’s my mom, and the people closest to us are the the safest vents for our frustration and anger.

    It’s a tough thing, what you’ve got, and my own pain problems pale in comparison. I don’t claim to know a thing about migraines, but I think you should at least be able to eat and drink whatever the hell you want. I mean, life is unfair enough already, isn’t it? Big hugs 🙂 -TGA


    • I don’t know but my mom always knows the *wrong* thing to say. My family definitely gets the brunt of my anger and frustration. Your problems do not pale in comparison, there is not worse or better chronic pain, it’s all the same, it’s all pain. I don’t know exactly what you feel and vice versa and who’s to say our scales match up, that what I describe as a 7 is a 4 to you. Your pain is as valid and as serious as the next person’s pain, as my pain. And believe me, I do eat and drink whatever I want, haha. Big hugs. ❤


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