Conversations (18)

“Which leg did you put through your pant leg when you put on pants this morning?” I hear my mom asks.

I pull out the headphone and look at her.

“Neither,” I reply and look down at my pajama shorts from the night before.

“Which do you usually?” she presses. I look at the book in her hand. Squinting, I look at the title. “Home Health Remedies and Superstitions for Pennsylvania German People?” I ask, reading it aloud.

My mom pulls her glasses down from her head, “It says here, ‘if you would prevent headache, or toothache,” she looks up to see if I’m reading. I roll my eyes and she giggles, “you must form the habit of putting on your right stocking first, your right shoe, etc.”

I roll my eyes again.

“Hey,” she starts, “you nev-,”

I stand up from my desk, “no, get out,” I herd her out of the room, “get out,” I repeat.

She continues to laugh as I close my door.

(August 2014)


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