A Lot Worse

“I thought we were going to the pet store?” I ask after my mom turns left instead of straight through the intersection.

“You said you didn’t feel well?” she replies.

“I don’t but we could have went to the pet store,” I tell her, “I mean I don’t feel well but we could have went. I just feel a little nauseous from not eating with the medicine I took earlier,” I tell her. In addition to the daily headaches, it’s that wonderful time of the month. I have cramps and nausea from menstruating and a worsening headache from it as well. I woke up with cramps, I rolled out of bed, took two Midol and crawled back into bed. “I mean I’m not going to feel any better but I could feel a lot worse.”

It’s true. I could have a tenner instead of a the four I’m working on right now. My cramps could be a lot worse, they have been. I could actually be vomiting instead of my stomach just rolling every so often. I’m functional, very functional. I would even call this a good day. I bet with some more Midol when I get home I could probably at least shake the cramps and the nausea will go away once I’m on solid ground and get something t eat. The headache might even go away. I doubt it but I could be a lot worse.


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