Morning Migraines in Middle School

I woke up before my alarm, my eyes snapped open and my head throbbed, the ice pick causing the headache felt like it was lodged into the back of my head and poking out at my temple. I scrambled for my phone, to shut the alarm off. I turned it off before it could.

I laid awake with my eyes shut as the pain washed over me. I didn’t even want to move.

My door opens, “Emily, wake up,” my mom calls.

The door slams shut.

I try to think back to when I last missed school, if I was allowed to miss another day and how many days I have left in the year.

After some time, “Emily wake up!”

“Mom,” I call out and cringe, “I need to stay home,” I call, “I have a headache.”

I hear her sigh and mutter “okay.” The door closes, softer now.

I hope she doesn’t come back in an hour to force me out of bed, either to go to school or to the doctor’s. I slip back into unconsciousness.


2 thoughts on “Morning Migraines in Middle School

    • I completely agree. That was one of the first things that wore me out. I could deal with the afternoon headaches and migraines. I can’t deal with the morning migraines and headaches. If my morning is shit, so is the rest of the day. Getting up is hard enough as is!


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