Noise – What My Head Feels Like (An Analogy Using Sound)

My headaches are kind of like background noise or even static.

When I don’t have a headache, it’s like when you don’t notice the complete silence. It’s quiet and serene.

A one is like the wind rustling the leaves on the trees, birds happily chirping. Soft background noise.

A two or a three is hearing the birds and the wind but you can hear the fans whirring and cars humming in the distance. It’s noticeable but not uncomfortable. It fades into the background.

A four or five is all that but there’s a radio down the hallway playing music – it’s inaudible, just jumbled noise. The neighbor two houses down starts up the lawn mower and the kids next door are outside screaming. It’s noticeable, it’s annoying, it’s distracting. So you close the window, shut the door. Take two Aleve.

A six or seven is someone turning the radio all the way up, they’re jamming out and ‘singing’ along with the radio, it’s more irritating than anything. The lawn mower is right outside your window. The cars that were miles away are now driving under your window with the lawn mower. The window does little despite being shut, it’s barely muffled.

An eight is everything in the room with you, the lawn mower, the cars with their roaring engines and their blaring horns, the screaming kids, every fan, every bird.

A nine is it all right in your ear.

A ten is like a sonic boom. Your ear drums blow out and it’s like there’s nothing but the residual echo of it all. There is nothing but sound, so much it’s deafening.

11 thoughts on “Noise – What My Head Feels Like (An Analogy Using Sound)

    • Thanks. It gets the irritation and discomfort across but fails to express the shear amount of pain I experience with migraines. People who experience migraines and headaches and other chronic pain disorders will but those without will fail to understand the pain.


      • No I have migraines too. Just not constant which I believe you are experiencing. And it’s great how you rate them. Never thought of that! Mine are like that torturous long uphill climb to the top of a mountain. When you reach the top you are in excruciating pain. The kind that drops you in your tracks. Still not as great an analogies you’ve put forth but that’s one of my scenarios…lol!


        • Mine are pretty much constant, I’m always at a 2 or 3, not uncomfortable but noticeable, more or less a nuisance. My hearing becomes more sensitive when I have a migraine so I figured it was a good place to start. I might try and suss out some more analogies with other senses. That’s a good analogy as well, more like a journey to the apex of pain. Thanks.


            • No, I don’t get visual auras. My vision blurs a little bit but I’m near sighted as is so I barely notice a difference without my glasses. I get a verbal aura, aphasia. I forget words a lot and everything comes out in a jumble or I’ll take awkward prolonged pauses when speaking as I’m trying to figure out what I’m trying to say or completely forget what I’m saying mid sentence. For a long time I didn’t think I had migraines because of the lack of visual aura until I learned that aura’s manifest in different ways and mine is verbal instead of visual.


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