Back From the Doctor’s

I just got back from the doctor’s office. He has now prescribed Zonegran and Migrianal for my  headaches. I have to take the prescription to the pharmacy which I’ll do later. I’m hopeful? I guess. I’ll try it to see if it does anything. He also ordered a blood test as my next procedure. He thinks I could have thick blood and is checking for “sticky blood”. It’s refreshing after my last doctor solely believed I had tension headaches and only tried to treat that, never reevaluating or attempting another diagnosis. I’m glad this doctor is trying new things. He strongly believes it’s connected to hormones. I finally feel like we’re making progress here but I’m not at an opportune place to be making the progress. It’s summer and I’m apathetic towards solving this problem. I am no longer have to keep a schedule or deal with the demands of school or stress, I am carefree. I can sleep whenever I want. I’m going to try this medicine but it’s hard to measure any progress I make because I’m not in the same environment where the headaches interfere with life.  If it were summer all the time, the headaches wouldn’t be a problem. But I have to take what I have and make the most of it.


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