Doctor’s Appointment Tomorrow

I’m heading back to the neurologist again tomorrow. I’m not really sure how that is going to go. I get the full results from my spinal tap back from that. They never called so I’m assuming it all went well and came back fine. He ordered the spinal tap to check the pressure which was fine. The doctor who performed the test told me when he was finished. So the neuro will tell me that. He’ll ask me about the Diamox he gave me. There was no change on the Diamox. He’ll ask me about the other medicine he gave me. The one made my headache a hundred times worse and I never took the other one, partly because I was scared and partly because I forgot about it. I’ll give him my headache diary. He’ll look at it, maybe say something about it. He’ll examine me again, check out the pressure points on my face and shoulders, ask me if it hurts. It will. He’ll tap my knees and ankles, checking for reflexes. He might prescribe something else.

I’m not even sure if I want anything new. The side effects aren’t worth it. I’d rather be like this without medicine then empty and hollow on medicine.


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