Faker (Just a Headache)

You know it’s just a headache, everyone gets headaches. You’re not any special because of your headaches, they’re just headaches. Everyone gets them and they go on with their lives. They don’t just drop everything because they have a headache but you do. You just stop at the sign of a headaches. Oh boo hoo I have a headache. Get over it, get on with it. It’s no excuse to miss class. It’s no excuse for you to not hang out with your friends. It’s no excuse. Stop. Stop being a baby about it. You’re a grown woman crying because your head hurts. Grow. The. Fuck. Up. You just want attention. Is that what this is? Well, you got it. So you can stop now. Or are you mad at your friends and you don’t have the balls to tell them to fuck off so you just complain you have a headache all the time to avoid them. They’re not stupid, you know. They know you’re faking it. You’re wasting everyone’s time. You can’t possibly have headaches every day for years. That’s bullshit. You didn’t get a D on that test because you had a “headache”, you didn’t study. Study more, study harder and you’ll get the grades you want. You’re falling asleep in class because you stay up all night watching Letterman and Craig and playing on your computer. Sleep at night and you won’t in class. Everyone knows you’re faking it. The act is up, you can stop now.


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